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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick and Easy Chocolate Mousse

Good day, this is a little dessert that i did this past Monday for one of my easy Monday night dinners, and it is rich, smooth and really tasty, the recipe only contains 3 ingredients and can be made with only two ingredients, all you will need is a pot with a little water in it, a bowl that fits onto the top of that pot without touching the water and 2 bowls for whisking.

125g 70% Chocolate ( i use lindt 70% Ecuador dark chocolate)
6 large Free-range eggs separated
50g castor or white sugar

melt the chocolate over the pot of water on a stove, as soon as the chocolate has melted take it off the pot and put it to the side so that it can cool down.
whisk the egg whites in a clean bowl, make sure that there is not as much as a drop of water in it other wise it makes whipping the egg whites a mission, as well as when you separate them, make sure that there is no egg yolk in it, when the egg whites start to stiffen slightly you can slowly add the sugar a teaspoon at a time, you want the egg whites to be stiff enough that when you turn the bowl up side down they stick to the bowl without falling out.

Whisk the melted cooled chocolate into the egg yolks just until it has all incorporated in, then add 1/3 of the egg whites and softly whisk it in, this is to loosen the mixture so that you don't beat the air out of the rest of the egg whites when you fold them in at the end.

put this into the container that you would like to serve it in and put it into the fridge for about two hours to set slightly, it is not going to set to much it is a light and airy mousse.

Now for the interesting but where i give away some of the trade secrets ( i really shouldn't but after all this blog is to make it easier for the home cook)

you can use normal milk chocolate instead of the dark chocolate, just be careful when you melt it, it does not like heat much and if it gets to hot the sugars in the chocolate start to crystallize and the chocolate "seizes" if this does happen you can commit the ultimate cardinal sin and quickly whisk in 1 tablespoon of normal cooking oil or preferable butter, this should bring it back if not then it's really done for and you can throw it away.

Also in the instance where you do use milk chocolate over dark chocolate the sugar can be omitted otherwise it is going to be too sweet, try not to use milk chocolate though as it is much more intense and satisfying with dark chocolate.

I am going to add a little extra add on recipe here quick and that is for a nice quick berry sauce to suit the chocolate mousse.

1kg frozen mixed berries
1 glass good drinking dry white wine mixed with 2 teaspoon corn flour
2 cups of sugar
1 stick of cinnamon (if you have)
1 star anise (if you have)

put all the ingredients  into a pot at a very low heat and let it stew for about an hour, you don't want to ever boil.
take it off the heat and let cool before putting into the refrigerator and letting chill.

this is best served chilled, but if you want you can add 2 tots of good strong rum to eat, reheat it and serve it hot with a ball of good vanilla ice-cream. it is dreamy......

anyway good cooking, hope you enjoy trying out the recipes, in a couple of days i will blog an interesting pork and peanut curry that i tried on wednesday for the first time that was really big on one of our curry nights at the links. until then......................................

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