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Monday, March 14, 2011

Classic & Easy Vanilla Creme Brule

To me creme brule's are one of the easiest tastiest desserts to make.
i will give a basic recipe for a plain Creme Brule, the recipe is designed as to be easy for even the home cook with the tools that you have at home to make this tasty dessert.

Basic Creme Brule
1 egg yolk
15g Castor Sugar or White Sugar
100ml Cream
1 drop of vanilla essence
(this recipe yields one creme brule of about 125ml, so just multiply everything accordinly)

Heat the creme with the vanilla essence until just under boiling point, it should be a medium heat, i would say on a home grade stove that goes up to heating setting of 8, you would want it on about 3.
Cream together the egg yolks and sugar (just whisk them together until they start to go a little pale in colour)

Once the cream is heated then add it to the creamed egg yolks, just a little splash at first and mix that in properly, then in a steady stream add the rest of the hot cream, not to much or if the cream is to hot, it may split the eggs.

Then transfer this mix into an oven proof serving dish like a ramekin or so forth.
bake it in a deep baking tray with water up to 3/4 of the way up the ramekin, cover it very lightly with tin foil as to leave the two ends open so that the steam can escape out, place it in the oven with a temp 160 c and bake it for about 40 min, to check if it is cooked take it out and shake it a little it should wobble like a set jelly, but not as much as cream. leave it in the try with the water to cool down to room tempreture.

then place them into the refridgerator for about an hour, in the mean time get the grill of the oven as hot as you can.

take the creme brule out of the refridgerator and sprinkle it with a little sugar (what ever sugar you like)
be careful not to put to much, it should be an even film of sugar over the top, then place it directly under the grill of the oven until the sugar has melted as starting caramalizing on the top of the dessert (it goes a semi-burnt golden brown colour, it is okay to have a little blackish spots on it too) take it out and place it in the refridgerator for another 5 minutes just to chill again, now you're ready to serve.

(please not if you have a gas tourch you can skip the grilling process and tourch the sugar with a gas tourch, this recipe is for cooks at home.)

There we go this is my first post and i will try to update my blog as often as i can, please excuse my spelling, after all i'm a chef, i can cook not spell.

This Picture is a little Trio of Desserts i will blog the other two desserts later in the week.

Please give me feed back on your attempts to make this dessert, i can try to help if things go wrong at any point.

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