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Thursday, June 2, 2011

okay here it is my opinion of the good food and wine show cape town 2011

This is the second good food and wine show that i have been to, the first being in Durban, but this one had a special little something that was a little closer to my heart than the last one and that is the fact that Heston Blumenthal was doing his first public appearance in south Africa, he has been here before many years ago as he almost opened his first restaurant here in Franshoek but things changes and he opened the fat duck instead, that's a whole long separate story on it's own. Anyway i went to the show armed with my new fat duck cook book and VIP tickets to the show, as we walked in and were seated it was announced that he would not being doing a cooking demo as his food takes to long to prepare and he would not be able to do it in the allotted time, i understood this, however that does not mean that it didn't come with it's own set of disappointments, i wanted to see the man in action, now all i was getting was an hour long talk.

Heston came onto the stage and starter his hour long talk, and let me tell you anybody who is as interested in food as i am would have found that that hour long talk was far better and informative as a chef than any cooking demo could have been, he explained how he got to do what he does, how he came about with his unique style of cooking and where he is going, i am quite sure after that talk that my food and approach to cooking is going to be totally different, and boy oh boy is it just, all i am doing now with any spare that i have is studying, trying to obtain as much knowledge i can about it comes ........... the science of food, flavour perception and eating habits further more i have now got a couple of my own little experiments going on, i am going to try to recreate a couple of his classic dishes as well as use the techniques and science behind those to create my own, i have started on the basics such as spherification and will be researching the science of ice-creams over the next few weeks and play with them as well.

all in all that could possibly have been the best and most inspirational talk i have ever been to, i would like to describe the rest of the good food and wine show but i cannot as i get so excited and worked up talking about this new outlook on food that i just want to run into my kitchen and pick up some chemicals and play and play and play...........

so i am off now to go and do just that, when i get back to the blog at some point i will go a little into the art of cheese making which is also something new that i am starting to play a little more with, i have already made feta, Parmesan, yoghurt and going to try halloumi this afternoon,
so cheers for now........

sorry no recipes at the moment i am working on a mind blowing 3 course menu to enter the unilever chef of the year with as well as for a little interview with the weekend post next week, so maybe i will blog those once i have perfected them.

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