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Friday, June 21, 2013

State of our Sea's

This is just a quick little fact about fish for those of you who didn't know this.

  • In 2012 the world produced 63 million tons of Beef and farmed 66 million tons of fish, that's right, farmed fish production has oven taken beef production world wide.
  • The current rate at which we are using our resources by 2030 we would need 1 1/2 earths to sustain what we are using!!!!
  • 90% of the worlds fish populations are over fished and reaching a critical point.
  • It takes 3kg of wild caught fish to feed and produce 1kg of farmed fish.
just some interesting facts to think about when you buy and eat fish, the scary part of it all is that if you go into any super market you will always see the same fish on the shelves and these are mainly the ones that are being over fished.

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