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Monday, September 12, 2011

neglecting my blog

Hello all of those of you that do read my blog, it has been a long time since i posted something, i have just been so dam busy with work, creating and family, however i will be posting some new and exciting things on the blog within the month still, i have been making a bucket load of cheese so i will take a couple of photo's as well as do some step for step instructions on cheese making, it is so much fun, and really very rewarding so, so by the end of this year i hope to be using only homemade cheese for all the dishes in the restaurant, i will be looking to do a lovely duck ham, Camembert & green fig sandwich, everything would be made in house, i do think that is going to be exciting as well as all our cheese boards will be in-house made preserves, biscuits & cheeses.

So look forward to doing all of that, as soon as i have got a couple of pics together i will do the whole cheese making blog.

Until then................the hungry chef will be creating.

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